Winter Warriors Rules - Meridian

Winter Warrior Rules

How do I earn points?

Every run earns you points! Join us for any of our weekly runs and you will earn points.  The more runs you attend, the more points you earn. The colder and wetter (or snowier) the run, the more points you can earn.  Here’s how it works:

+2 points - Run a Winter Warrior social run. Social runs are approximately 3 miles with Saturday runs offering an additional  5 mile-ish route. All paces are welcome! This allows everyone a great chance at earning prizes and the Winter Warrior title.

  • Coffee Run - Monday at 6:30am (meet at Coffee Studio in Meridian)
  • Village on the Run - Wednesdays at 6:00pm (meet at Fleet Feet)
  • Fleet Feet Run - Saturdays at 9:00am (meet at Fleet Feet Meridian)

+3 points - Run a Winter Warrior themed run. There will be 6 themed runs throughout the 12-week season.

  • Pancake Run - November
  • Ugly Sweater Run - December
  • Nike Flash Run - January
  • Super Bowl Run - February
  • Duo (Valentine's) Run - February

+1 extra point - Run in freezing (30 or below) temperatures! (official temps based on Fleet Feet Staff’s weather app at that run)

+1 extra point - Run in rain or snow.

+5 extra points - If you convince a friend to join the program this season, you earn an additional +5 points - just make sure they mention your name in the registration process.

Winter Warrior Prizes

What do I get for all those points I earn?

  • Top 10%  high point earners - a really awesome prize!
  • Next 15% high point earners – a really great prize!
  • Next 25% high point earners - a really good prize!

NOTE: You are only eligible for one prize category.

ALSO...every 10 points will get you a raffle ticket for the end of season raffle items.


  • Sign In AND Sign Out (using Fitvil) at each Winter Warrior event. If you forget to sign in and/or points!
  • No signing in and heading off to do your own thing! Each run will have a 5k route options (approx).
  • You must sign out too! If you’d like to run farther than the routes, please check out first before continuing. This allows staff or volunteers to have everyone checked out in a reasonable time frame.
  • All guests must sign the waiver to run with our group.
  • NO selling, bartering, giving, donating, stealing, bargaining, haggling, negotiating, trading (or equivalent to these words) for points.
  • You may only win one raffle prize.
  • Fleet Feet Sports reserves the right to make changes along the way (ie themes, dates, concerning weather considerations, etc)
  • Run at your own risk. Please consider safety and personal limits in all decisions to join a Winter Warrior run. If you have questions on how to prepare for dark, cold, winter conditions, please see our staff. We are ready to help you run through the winter warm and safe!
  • Please run with reflective gear and headlamps in low or no light conditions. Safety is always our number one concern.  Be safe so we can all have fun!
  • The Winner will be crowned at Fleet Feet Wrap Up on Sunday, February 23, 2020.

So let’s get running and see who will be crowned “Winter Warrior”!  Will it be you?

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Program Start: ex: Sunday, January 18th, 6:00pm
Program Fee: ex: $100 excluding race fee

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