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At Fleet Feet Meridian we use Training Peaks online software to deliver training plans to our Training Group Participants.  We hope to answer a few of your Frequently Asked Questions so that you can get back to training as quickly as possible.


What is Training Peaks?

Training Peaks is a web based platform that allows our coaches to create training plans that get delivered directly to you.  

Is Training Peaks the same thing as Fitvil?

No.  Fitvil is the platform we use for group registration and group check-ins.  Fitvil is what your key card is connected to.  Training Peaks is only associated with your group training plan/workout details.

How do I get a Training Peaks account?

When you register for a Training Group for the first time with Fleet Feet Meridian, we create you an account in Training Peaks.  You will receive an email from us titled something like "Training Peaks Login Info for 'such and such' Training Group".  In creating this account for you, we have chosen a username for you, used the email you registered for Training Groups with and the system creates a temporary password for you (you can change this to something that you can easily remember).

How do I get started?

Once you receive this email from us (please make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it), follow the LOGIN instructions using a desktop or laptop.  It will NOT work on a tablet or smart phone for the first login.  It needs to verify your email address in order for you to continue with the use of the account. Once you've done this you are able to input any personal information you want into the account. This is at your discretion and preference.

How do I get or see my training plan?

There are several ways to access your training plan once your account has been verified (see "How do I get started?" to verify your account).  

  • You can access your account from any internet source. Training Peaks is web based so you do not need to return to the same computer you verified your account on.  Just login at and you can see your current workout programs in your calendar.
  • Download the mobile app.  This app is free and a great tool to seeing your plan on the go. Use your account login info to set up the app.
  • Email.  Once your account is verified it will send you an email with today's and tomorrow's plans.  You can go into your account settings to adjust the time of delivery to be convenient to you.

Can I store my workouts in Training Peaks?

YES!  This is a great support feature for you to track progress.  There are two ways to do this:

  • You can manually enter this information into the scheduled workout by clicking edit in both the app and the web based login.  Just type in the info (duration, pace, etc) and leave any notes about your workout (ie "hard hill workout", "didn't feel well on this run", etc) to help you track your efforts.
  • Upload from a gps device such as a Garmin watch or phone app.  The easiest way is to click this link while logged into your training peaks account. You will need to go into to that Training Peaks settings (the app is an easy place to do this) and choose Apps & Devices.  This will prompt you to choose a platform like Garmin Connect, My Fitness Pal, etc.  Follow the directions to set that up.  Once you've done this, then each time you upload a workout to Garmin Connect from your watch or finish a workout on My Fitness Pal, it will do an auto upload to Training Peaks.  It will look for the most similar workout in your training plan that day and turn it green.  Green means you completed it as planned.  Yellow means you were either too long/short (duration) or far/short (distance) within about a 10 min window.  If it turns red at the end of the day, this means you did not complete the workout as planned.  Either way your workout will upload and you will see it in Training Peaks. 
  • NOTE:  Don't forget that ALL your data is uploaded so if you're using a heart rate monitor, bike cadence monitor or power meters, this info is uploaded as well.  You will not have access to graphs or progress charts with the FREE account we have set you up with.  That requires an additional monthly cost.  We reserve that option for private coaching, not group coaching.

What if I can't complete a scheduled workout on the day its planned for?

This happens often in our busy lives, so don't worry.  First talk with your coach about adjustments that might need to be made and which workouts are ok to move to other days.  There is reason to the schedule coaches have created and sticking to the plan/schedule is always in your best interest.  But if you are injured or have a trip planned or other life situations arise, modifications can be made with the guidance of your coach.  If you do need to switch a day, login to your account via a web browser.  Simply drag the intended workout to a new day.  You can also click on the workout and change the date.

Does my coach see my workouts and notes?

It is possible for coaches to view your workouts and notes you leave in the comment box.  In "group" classes, this is not something coaches check regularly.  But if they need to look deeper into your training progress per a situation or conversation you've had with them, then the info is available to them on that as needed basis.  If you are being privately coached, your coach will be continually assessing your data to make necessary adjustments to your plan.

My training plan changed since the last time I looked at it.  What happened?

Your coach has the ability to make adjustments to the groups training plan along the way.  They can change the type of workout, what day it lands on or even make new comments to allow a more appropriate understanding of the workout.  When they make these changes on the group level, it will be one change to the whole plan that effects the entire group.  This allows our coaches to continually assess the group as a whole throughout the training program. 

I don't see my workout for a particular day that I thought was supposed to be there.  Did my coach forget?

There are a few reasons why this can happen.

  • Your coach may be updating the plan at the same time you are checking on your plan.  Try again in about 30 minutes or so.
  • If you are using the app on a mobile device or tablet, there is a refresh option.  This can be helpful to update the app with the online platform.
  • Glitches....sometimes they happen.  If it doesn't resolve shortly, contact our Training Groups Coordinator for a deeper look into your account.
  • Wrong account login.  Sometimes we have athletes who have more than one account from a previous coach.  Make sure you are logged into the account Fleet Feet Sports Spokane set up for you.
  • Unverified account.  You may not be able to see workouts if your email address/account has not been verified.  Find the original email we sent you with the login info and try again.  If this doesn't resolve the issue, contact our Training Groups Coordinator at

Can I contact my coach through Training Peaks?

No.  When you begin a group with us, you will be given contact information for your coach.  This will be the best way to contact them regarding your training and training plan.

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