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I originally saw the post on Facebook for No Boundaries back in September 2015.  I marked that I was interested in going as I had been walking a lot and had just started to do some interval running.  I had changed jobs and had lost enough weight that I felt like I needed to take my activity / walking to the next level, and was determined to step outside my box and try new things and meet some new people. But I was not sure I could do it, not sure I was brave enough.  This was really outside my comfort zone and if I went I would be going alone as I did not know anyone who might want to go with me.  I went, to the store and  that  marked the next step in my journey to being healthier, happier and more active me.  We ran our first timed mile that night, and I ran the entire mile, a first for me.  During Fall No Boundaries I met some of the most amazing people who I am proud and excited to call my friends, if not family, I met my weight goal of losing a 100lbs, I ran in my first 5K (I ran the entire race), I beat my personal best time at that 5K, improved my time from approx. 12.53 mile to 9.14 at the Hot Cocoa Run, and maybe most importantly I discovered I AM CAPABLE OF SO MUCH MORE THAN I THINK I AM.. 


<3 JanMarie"


"I started No Boundaries with a friend of mine and my husband in September 2016. Unfortunately, I ended up having plantar fasciitis release surgery in November 2016. My husband continued on with the program and ran a half marathon at the Hot Cocoa Run. In March 2017, we signed up for the program again. I has determined to complete the training and the Tutu Run in May. Megan is the most amazing coach for this. Her passion and commitment were incredible. She is full of positive energy and encouragement. For 10 solid weeks, she is out there training with you and pushing you to push yourself. The interval training we did was a challenge for me, but I succeeded. The entire group for Spring NOBO was right there beside me the entire way. My timed walk in the beginning was 21:30, at the end my time was 17:40. I improvement of that time shocked me. I would recommend this program to any and all levels of activity.

I may be addicted to working out now!
Thanks Megan and everyone involved in NOBO!!!
Love, Jen"


"Before I joined NOBO I was maybe running a 9:45 mile, now I'm at a 8:29 mile. PR in a 5k is 26:55, 10k is 1:00.03 seconds, half marathon is 2:24.07.
All the staff at Fleet Feet Meridian and NOBO are the reason for this. I love running more now then when I was in the Marine Corp." -NoBo Participant





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Program Start: Summer NoBo: Monday, June 20 at 6:30pm
Program Fee: $100 for 10 Weeks of Training
Description: Summer NoBo will be having an info meeting on Saturday, May 21 @5pm at Kleiner Park behind The Village at Meridian
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