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Marathoners in Training - M.I.T


Half Crazy is a 15-week half marathon training program designed for runners/walkers/joggers of all types. It will prepare you to run/walk/jog a half-marathon in 15-weeks on a minimum of 3 runs/week. The program includes, as a part of those 3 runs, a track workout (Tuesday evenings), a midweek run hosted at the Village on the Run at Fleet Feet, and a long-run on Saturday coached by Kimberly Simmons (aka KimburrLee aka KimberBeast). When the program starts, all participants will receive the complete training plan with 3 additional runs/week that are optional, but encouraged for the experienced runners or those trying to complete a half-marathon in a certain time.

The coaches will work with each individual participant to fit the program to their specific goals based upon a survey sent out prior to the start of the program.

 Program Perks

  • Individualized training in a group setting.  Our program is appropriate for both first-timers and experienced veterans.

  • Experienced, professional head coaching. Our experienced head coaches assess each participant's current fitness level and goals and ensure that they train at an appropriate level.

  • Our community is vast. We have a plethora of experience and abilities that both compete and complete the half marathon distance. Our experienced mentors offer support and motivation to athletes in 22 pace groups ranging from 7:30/mile (run) through13:00/mile (run), several run/walk groups and walking group. All follow customized beginner, intermediate, and advanced schedules. 

  • Two weekly group workouts. Track workouts are held on Tuesday evenings and long runs on some of Greater Boise's best paths are hosted on Saturday mornings.

  • Finding the lowest bidder isn't the way to invest in your dreams. Online programs and apps are nice, but if you really want to be successful, join a proven and successful program. You deserve it.

Note:  Running calls on everyone to look higher and dig deeper.  We believe in pursuing those ideas, activities, or goals that make us GREAT.  We encourage our runners to have the daily determination to overcome fear, doubt, and apathy because this is the real victory.  We are hear to support you along your journey. 

- Fleet Feet Sports

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Program Start: Aug. 26-Sept. 16
Program Schedule: Tuesday PM Track and Saturday AM Long Run
Program Fee: $120
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