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Our "Support the Girls" program is designed to help support our local girls become more active and healthy.  Properly fitted and quality sports bras help improve comfort and confidence.  Yet, most girls are never fitted properly and their fitness level is negatively impacted.  There are too many girls that shy away from exercise because they feel embarrassed and uncomfortable during physical training. We decided to help...

We have now partnered with Moving Comfort/Brooks to provide high-quality, high-support sports bras FREE for local students in need. Through our "Support the Girls" program, we offer a buy-one-donate-one promotion so our customers can help us meet this need in the community.

Working with individual high schools, we set up bra fitting days so our staff can fit each female student for their proper size and needs. We then order the bras and deliver them upon arrival. On delivery day the girls get the chance to try out their new sports bras while we walk them through a good form running clinic.


  • Only One Ligament Supports the Breast Tissue

  • There are no muscles in breast tissue (for a pair of DD's that can be up to 12 lbs. to support!) 

  • 25% of women don't work out as hard as they could because of breast bounce

  • More than 40% don't wear a sports bra to exercise or feel they have to wear multiple bras

We are committed to making sure no woman is held back in athletics due to a lack of support!

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