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Lessons From An Olympian

"Alan Culpepper has accomplished what many of us mere mortal runners would love to do: he has run very fast at a variety of distances for a very long period of time. In 1996 Culpepper was the NCAA 5K National Champion. He is a two-time Olympian—in the 10-K and marathon—and had two top-five finishes at the Boston Marathon. Culpepper was a seven-time USA National Champion in Track and Cross Country. His personal records include a 3:55 in the mile, 13:25 for the 5-K, 27:33 in the 10-K, and a 2:09 marathon." Click Here to Read More

Banish Burnout

"There is a fine line between a routine and a rut, and many of us runners end up crossing that line before we’re even aware that it has even happened. We become comfortable with certain distances, routes and workouts, and tend to repeat them over and over. And before we know what happened, we end up feeling bored, burnt out, and wanting to throw our running shoes out the window." Click Here to Read More

Save Your Skin

"If you've ever had a bad sunburn or blister you know, if you don't take the proper precautions, skin issues can sideline you just as badly as injuries to your muscles, bones, and joints.In addition to the temporary discomfort that goes along with a sunburn, lots of unprotected sun exposure can create serious health problems down the road. A study in the November 2006 issue of Archives of Dermatology found that marathoners had an increased risk of malignant melanomas and non-melanoma skin cancer." Click Here to Read More

Avoid Weight Gain

"For some lucky folks start running, and the pounds just melt off. But for many others, it's just not that easy. In fact, counter-intuitive as it may seem, it's shockingly easy to gain weight on the way to the starting line. In a 2010 Tufts University study of 64 runners in marathon training researchers found that during the 12-week buildup to the marathon, while some runners lost as much as 27 pounds; some gained as much as 14. Some 63% of the subjects said that they ate more during training." Click Here to Read More

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