Running Tips

Foam Roll The Right Way

"For any serious runner, regularly-scheduled massages can be a critical part of maintenance and injury prevention. But if you don’t have the time or the money to get them, a foam roller can be an effective at-home alternative. 'Anybody who is running on a regular basis should be foam rolling as a general precaution for longevity,' says Mike Ross, an exercise physiologist at the Gottlieb Center for Fitness, which is part of Loyola School of Medicine in Illinois." Click Here to Read More.

Golden Rules of Nutrition

"You can have lungs of steel and the legs of an Olympian, but if you neglect your nutrition, your racing and fitness goals will always remain out of reach. With the dizzying amount of nutrition advice, it can be difficult to figure out how to fuel our running life or shed unwanted pounds. So we’ve boiled it down to three, golden rules: balance, quality, and nutrition." Click Here to Read More.

Common Tapering Mistakes

"The unfortunate truth about training for long-distance races is that you can spend weeks, months, and even years preparing for your goal event, sacrificing countless hours of sleep and time with family and friends, and bending your schedule into a pretzel in order to train, then completely sabotage your race in the critical days before the big event." Click Here to Read More.

How To Run The Rain

"Soggy weather workouts can be especially exhilarating if you embrace them. (Of course if there’s thunder and lightening; it’s best to stay in). And the bonus is that you get the satisfaction of knowing that you ventured out in conditions that a lot of people won’t drive in. Here’s how to endure - and even enjoy - the wet conditions." Click Here to Read More.

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