Social Distancing out on the Run

We recognize that the messaging “stay at home” might be taken literally. So, can you still go outside for a run or a walk?

The short answer is yes. 

However, here are some tips we hope you find helpful as you head out the door (as well as some rudimentary artwork from our marketing director).

First, we encourage you to plan ahead a bit more than usual.

Side note: your phone is gross. Wipe that thing down regularly and stop taking it into the bathroom with you, if you do that. You might even try going hands-free. We carry an awesome waistpack (the Nathan Zipster Lite) that holds phones of many different sizes, and runs true to size. We also recommend Aftershokz headphones—they’re super lightweight and allow you to hear noise around you, too. We’ll ship ‘em to you!

Once you’re out, practice good social distancing and hygiene out on your run.

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