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The Idaho Dash Track Club initially formed in 2014 with the purpose of allowing five athletes the opportunity to compete outside of their school track season.  Since then, we have grown to 70 middle school and high school students in our winter season and around 85 athletes of all ages in our summer program.   Finding opportunities for the athletes to compete has not been easy.  The YMCA hosts local meets weekly in the summer, but the competition and opportunity for growth is not as available as it would be in some of the larger metropolitan areas.  I have diligently worked to find alternate competitions for the athletes to be able to compete against better and better competition.  The difficult part of this, as with anything, is the cost.  Our athletes are always willing to fundraise (we have done pizza coupons, car washes, and raffles.)  It becomes difficult, though, because they are always asking the same relatives, friends, and family. 

Last summer we took 28 athletes and families to Kansas to compete in the USATF Junior Olympics.  As a team, the kids did an incredible job competing and we ended the competition with 3 All-Americans.  We were able to raise enough so that each athlete only had to pay $500 for the week (hotel and we loaded up 2 vans and drove), but it was still a burden on some of the families.  The athletes gained a ton of experience and it opened a lot of their eyes to the possibility of competing in college.  One of our athletes was being recruited by local colleges, but with her All-American finish, she was recognized and subsequently recruited and signed by her dream school, the University of Oregon.  This would have never happened if we were not able to travel to these meets.  

This indoor season we will be traveling to Ogden, Pocatello, and if we can raise the money, New York for the USATF Hershey Youth Indoor National Championships.  For our summer season we will travel to Utah for a Regional qualifier, and those that qualify will travel to North Carolina for the USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic Championships.  Again, the difficulty is that there are only 4-5 weeks between the Regional and National Meet.  It is very difficult to plan ahead and raise money for the athletes when we don’t know who and how many will qualify to move on to the National Meet.  I estimate that we will have to raise around $20,000 for just our outdoor National Meet alone.  As our club continues to grow, we will be qualifying more and more athletes.

These athletes work incredibly hard on the track and are willing to do anything off the track in order to be successful.  In the classroom we have a team GPA of around a 3.7 average for 70 kids.  Our team and athletes take education seriously.  Our athletes only miss practices because they have a heavy load of homework for the night or they have a test to study for.  We have several students taking ACT and SAT prep classes.  These are good, hard working, dedicated kids.

If you are able to help out the kids, any monetary donation will go 100% to the athletes for travel and meet entries.  My goal is to have a reserve account to assist with travel when the fundraising falls short.  The funny thing is, these kids will still want to do the fundraising because they are competitive and driven.  The fundraising events also provide a time to bond as a team and bring them together.  My goal is that they don’t miss out on an opportunity because of affordability.   We are going to have 4 levels of donations to recognize your support. 

Bronze Medalist - $0-$500 Donation

Silver Medalist - $500-$1000 Donation

Gold Medalist - $1000 - $2500 Donation

World Record Holder - $2500 + Donation

All Donors will be recognized on our website (if you want), and we will dedicate a page to advertise for these donors/companies for the year.  Our EIN is 81-4304379. 

If you would like more information on our team or would like to donate to the program, please check our website @ or reach out to me via phone 208-631-7099 or email for more information

Thank you,

James Honell

Idaho Dash Track Club

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