Help in Boise with Pokemon Go

If you running around Boise in search of Pokemon, you are certainly not alone!  I was recently recruited by a group of teens to help them hatch eggs by taking their phones on my afternoon runs around Kleiner Park.  We got to talking and they had all walked over 70km in the past 3 days and all of them were very sore.  One said, "I am either sitting on my couch binge watching Netflix or playing video games on my computer," and the rest of the group nodded.  They then recruited me to join Team Valor (Red) using every tactic in the book...  Long story short, I have been running around with my phone now for over a week and gleefully joined Team Valor. 

The soreness my new Valor friends got me to thinking.  How can Fleet Feet Meridian help?  What are the best ways to keep from getting hurt?  And, what are some great tips for Pokemon Go players?

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