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Kevin Everett will be joining at Fleet Feet Meridian to promote his new book, the Heart of Running, and give a quick inspirational chat on "Moving with Purpose."

I was excited to have Kevin speak on this subject because recently I have been struggling with finding the joy of running.  It feels more like work than play and my heart just hasn't been in it.  We all go through times when we are struggling with motivation, desire, or a sense of purpose.  And, Kevin's insight can help.

This is how his publisher describes his book:

"Nearly every human on the planet learns to walk as a toddler and run shortly thereafter. Many go on to run recreationally or even competitively, but never learn to fully utilize their bodies’ potential. Kevin Everett provides a path to create more mindful and purposeful walking, running, and ultimately moving throughout life toward personal health empowerment.

The HeART of Running takes the reader on a journey to discover the “runner’s high” or “flow state.” That sense of purpose and mindful motion gives anyone the edge needed to complete the marathon, competition, steep hill or even simple walk with a stroller in tow with better physical performance and metaphysical benefits. Once a runner, walker, athlete, parent or child learns to harness and maintain that edge, a passion is built to attain a constant and reliable form of self-satisfaction. The HeART of Running places the reader on a path to achieve the runner’s high every time."

Sound cool?  Have you been struggling?  Join us then on November 16, 2016 at 5:45pm at Fleet Feet Meridian.  Also, stay after and join us on a run/walk around Kleiner Park with drinks/food afterward. 

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